What is food insecurity?

Food insecurity is defined as unreliable accessibility, availability and affordability of nutritious foods on a regular basis. One out of six Palm Beach County residents is considered food insecure. 

Do you accept food donations at your facility?

Yes, we accept donations at our Lantana warehouse from Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. We are located at 525 Gator Drive Lantana, FL 33462.  

What is the difference between a food bank, food pantry, and soup kitchen? 

The terms food bank and food pantry are often used interchangeably when in fact each type of agency serves a unique and important function. A Food Bank is an organization that collects, stores and distributes useable surplus food to non-profit organizations, that in turn, provide the food to the people they serve. A Food Pantry is a public or private non-profit organization that distributes food to individuals and families in need. Soup kitchens are hunger relief agencies that provide prepared hot meals to those in need.

My company would like to get involved with the Palm Beach County Food Bank but doesn’t know where to start. Who can I contact? 

There are many different ways to get your company involved in turning hunger into hope in Palm Beach County. Please contact the PBCFB at info@pbcfoodbank.org to learn about our many enriching opportunities.

I am an individual in need of food, where can I turn to for help?

There are over a hundred partner agencies in Palm Beach County. Food pantries and soup kitchens provide free food to those in need. To find an agency closest to you click here to access our partner agency map and list. You may be eligible for federal food assistance, a program that our Benefits Outreach Specialist can help you apply for, click here to learn more. 

Who donates food to the Palm Beach County Food Bank?

We pick up and receive donations of food from farmers, distributors and retailers. The local agricultural community is a big supporter of hunger relief and provides thousands of pounds of fresh produce. During the annual growing season. We also receive food from community food drives. If you have an interest in donating food to us, please contact donatefood@pbcfoodbank.org.