Meet Our Programs Coordinators!

December 20, 2018

Recently, the Palm Beach County Food Bank (PBCFB) has made some changes to be more partner-focused and make things easier for our partner agencies.  Since October 2018, all three of our Programs Coordinators work on Food Recovery & Distribution, Food4OurKids, and Marjorie S. Fisher Nutrition Driven.  This means if you partner with PBCFB on multiple programs, you'll now have one point of contact for your agency.  Any one of our Coordinators can now also answer your questions about any program.  With these changes we look forward to deepening our relationships with each of our partner agencies and providing services to you the best we can.  

Learn more about each one of our Coordinators below!


Sarah Horn

Sarah is (probably) the craftiest of the three Programs Coordinators. When she started at PBCFB in October 2017, she focused on Marjorie S. Fisher Nutrition Driven and Food4OurKids before recently transitioning to be a part of the three Programs Coordinators team. She is very interested in the impact of nutritious food on health outcomes and is working on incorporating more nutrition into PBCFB’s decision-making . In her spare time, she likes to watercolor, craft, take her dog on walks, and bake cakes!



Rachel Sperber

Rachel started at PBCFB as the Agency Relations Coordinator, focused on the Food Recovery & Distribtuion partner agencies, in the wake of Hurricane Irma.  She received her Bachelor's degree at the University of Miami and her Master's degree at the University of Georgia in their Nonprofit Management and Leadership program.  When she's not at the food bank working as one of the Programs Coordinators, her interests are reading, meeting authors at book signings, playing board games, cooing over other people's puppies and babies, and catching up with friends and family scattered all over the U.S.



Lina Folsom

Lina came to PBCFB with years of experience working for not-for-profit organizations for the underprivileged, including Caridad Center and Children's Home Society.  Lina has her Bachelor's degree in Social Work and speaks Spanish fluently, which has already made its mark with our Spanish-speaking partner agencies.  In her free time, she enjoys traveling, dancing, and spending time with her family and three dogs.