Shelly Himmelrich

The Pechter Family Foundation

Shelly Himmelrich is President of The Pechter Family Foundation, which was founded by her parents, and supports programs and organizations regionally, nationally and internationally. Shelly enters into meaningful relationships with area organizations such as the Palm Beach County Food Bank which help local people truly in need.  She, along with her husband, Billy Himmelrich, have served as Chairs and Honorary Chairs of Empty Bowls Delray Beach.


She also has a passion for education and Holocaust and Human Rights awareness, serving on the board of The Achievement Center for Children and Families in Delray Beach, working to ensure that at-risk youth are given every opportunity to lead healthy and productive lives.  She also works closely with The United States Holocaust Museum in Washington DC to help their work across the world and help spread their message.


In addition to her enthusiasm for community service, she treasures time with family and friends.