Locate a Partner Agency

Food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and afterschool programs are on the front lines of feeding the hungry in our community. The Palm Beach County Food Bank exists to serve these organizations and currently serves over 170 partner agencies located throughout the county. 

A printable list of current partner agencies can be found here. 

Each agency has specific hours and application processes, so please be sure to contact them before you visit their location

If you need food assistance immediately, please call 2-1-1. 211 provides free and confidential information and referral. Please note that the Palm Beach County Food Bank does not distribute food directly to individuals

Are you looking for food for your pet? Peggy Adams recognizes the important bond between people and animals, and believes this bond should not be broken or torn apart due to financial setbacks.  To help families keep their pets in their homes, Peggy Adams started a pet food pantry.  For more information about how to get pet food for your pet, please visit the Peggy’s Pantry website or email the pantry at